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Dean Nalder attended Wagin Primary School then moved to boarding school at Wesley College in South Perth for his secondary education. Dean was honoured with the titles of Prefect, Captain of Boarding and Vice-Captain of his house at Wesley College.

Dean attended Curtin University in 1986 and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics, and Financial Management in 1988.

In 1995, Dean completed a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance & Investments from the Securities Institute of Australia.

Dean remained involved at Wesley College with his son's attendance marking the fourth generation to join the College. Dean was also Deputy Chair at Wesley College from 2012 to 2014.


Personal Life

Family, Farming and Food

Dean Nalder was born in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt and was raised on the family farm in Wagin.

He then attended boarding school at Wesley College in South Perth, moving back to work on the farm in
1984. Dean returned to Perth in 1986 to complete his tertiary education and pursue a career
in football.

Dean first met his wife Colette when they were both in boarding school. Colette was also raised on a
farm in Pingelly. Dean and Colette were married in 1990 and have three children, Cambell, Alette
and Christopher. Due to his corporate career, his family moved regularly between Melbourne, Sydney
and Perth until finally settling back in Western Australia in 2004.

In 2002, Dean and his wife Colette purchased a 1000 hectare farm next door to where he
grew up. He farmed the property whilst working as a Senior Executive at ANZ until 2008 when he
sold it to his brother who ran the original family farm.

Moving to Applecross and watching their three children grow with the community over the past 19

years has allowed Dean to recognise the many positives of the Bateman community. Dean’s family
reconnect with their country roots in an annual family holiday to Albany, where they spend a few
weeks camping, fishing and enjoying the simple beauty of Western Australia.



Dean Nalder began his journey in ANZ as a Financial Planner in 1990 and held the position until 1993. After being awarded the Top Financial Planner in Western Australia and 2nd Australia-Wide, Dean was
promoted to District Manager, Financial Planning in Western Australia.

At the end of 1995, Dean and his family moved to Sydney, New South Wales, and joined the
management board of ANZ Funds Management. Dean became the Senior Advisor to the Managing
Director and was placed in ANZ’s High Potential Officer Program.

Dean and his family moved to Melbourne, Victoria, in 1997 and was promoted to Regional Manager
for ANZ Financial Planning for Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western

In early 2000, Dean briefly returned to Perth, Western Australia, and held the position as ANZ
General Manager Wealth Management for Western Australia and South Australia. Later that year he
returned to Melbourne, Victoria, and was appointed the General Manager in Financial Planning and
Mortgage Lending.

Between 2001 and 2004, Dean was appointed General Manager of Financial Services – ANZ Wealth
Management and General Manager of Financial Planning in Melbourne, Victoria.

In March 2004, Dean and his family returned to Perth, Western Australia, where he held the position of
General Manager Retail Bank for South Australia and Western Australia.

After spending more than 18 years with the ANZ Bank, Dean left to pursue other interests in 2008.
Early 2009, Dean joined Australia Post as an Executive in the position of State Commercial Manager where he was responsible for all Western Australian Post Offices and all commercial
operations. In 2010 organisation changes would mean Dean would need to relocate his family once
more to eastern Australia and he opted to leave Australia Post and follow in his family's footsteps of politics.



Football, Basketball and Cycling

In his final year at Wesley College in 1983, Dean Nalder captained the first VIII basketball team, vice-
captained the swim team and first XVIII football team and won two state lifesaving titles at Beatty
Park. Dean also played state U18’s football in 1983 and state U20’s basketball in 1985 for Western Australia.

Whilst on the farm in 1984 and 1985, Dean played in a premiership with the Wagin Football Club in
1985 under Coach Stan Magro.

Relocating back to Perth to study at Curtin University in 1986, Dean joined the South Fremantle
Football Club and won a premiership with the reserves in the first year, also under Coach Stan

During the WAFL pre-season in 1987, Dean suffered a traumatic injury requiring two shoulder operations. Upon returning to football at South Fremantle in 1988 and making his league debut for South Fremantle Football Club, Dean suffered an ankle injury in round 2 missing the rest of the season.

In 1989 Dean played as centre half-forward for the South Fremantle Football Club in the Grand Final
which they lost to Claremont Football Club.

Despite being identified as a potential draft pick for the West Coast Eagles by The West Australian in
1989, Dean required an extensive ankle operation following the grand final after playing with the
injury the whole season. Dean was also presented the South Fremantle League Award for Courage & Perseverance that year.

Over the next two seasons at South Fremantle Football Club Dean had a broken toe and required
operations on both knees after which he retired from football. After five operations and many
broken bones in six years, Dean knew it was time to retire often joking he was remembered more for
a skit he performed with his brother Grant Nalder as “The Proclaimers” than as a footballer for
South Fremantle. 

Since winding up his career as an athlete, Dean remains dedicated to staying fit. He regularly jogs,
walks and swims and continues to push himself in cycling. Riding as often has he can, Dean
regularly takes part in fundraisers and pushed for better cycling conditions to make the roads safer
for both cyclists and drivers, including more dedicated cycle paths into the city, during his time as
Transport Minister in the Western Australian Government.


Watch Dean in Action

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Dean Nalder’s Grandfather, Sir Crawford Nalder, was an Australian Country Party Member of the Western Australian Parliament in the Legislative Assembly for 27 years. He was the longest serving Deputy Premier in the David Brand Government, Leader of the Country Party and knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Dean’s father, Cambell Nalder, was elected in 1986 as a National Party Member of the Western Australian Parliament, but sadly he fell ill and passed away 12 months later at the age of 49.

Dean Nalder was elected as a Member of the Western Australian Parliament in the Legislative Assembly in March 2013 as the Member for Alfred Cove, serving as Minister for Transport, Finance and Agriculture. He then became Member for Bateman following the 2017 electoral boundary redistribution. He held the portfolio for Shadow Treasurer and the Shadow Minister for Energy throughout. He also served as Chair and Deputy Chair on the Public Accounts Committee and was the Chair for the Economic Expenditure Review Committee.

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